revista de literatura latinoamericana

Chasqui Special Issue No. 1 (2004)

Lúcia Helena Costigan, ed.

From “Excessive Friendships” to “Cannibalism Revisted”: Brazilian and Spanish American Literary and Cultural Encounters
Francisco Ortega, “Excessive Friendships: Face-to-Face and Play in Caminha’s ‘Letter to the King’ (1500)”
Tania Ramalho, “The Life Trajectory of Mariana de Lancastre in Ana Miranda’s O retrato do Rei”
Mónica Ayala-Martínez, “Euclides da Cunha and the Trap of the Republican Dream”
Fernando J. Rosenberg, “Looking Back, Looking Through: Colonial Visions in Modernism”
Ana Del Sarto, “Cinema Novo and New/Third Cinema Revisited: Aesthetics, Culture and Politics”
Kirsten F. Nigro, “Is That Really True? History and Theatre in (Some) Brazilian and Mexican Plays”
Nicolás Hernández Jr., “Quilombo and El otro Francisco: a Post-Modernist Attempt to Rewrite Contemporary History and Colonial Slavery in Brazil and Cuba”
Derek Petrey, “Write about All of This: Concerning Cannibalism Revisionism”