revista de literatura latinoamericana

Chasqui Special Issue No. 2 (2005)

Nora Glickman and Alejandro Varderi, eds.

Bridging Continents: Cinematic and Literary Representations of Spanish and Latin American Themes
Reassessing the Heritage: Colonial and Postcolonial Connection Between Latin America and Spain

Nina Gerassi-Navarro, “Turning Cannibalism Inside Out: Re-reading the Chronicles in Como era gostoso o meu francês”
Cynthia L. Stone, “Aguirre Goes to the Movies: Twentieth-Century Visions of Colonial-Era Relaciones”
Eyda M. Merediz, “Cuarteto de la Habana: Filming the Foundational Romance in the Era of Global Sex Trade”
Isolina Ballesteros, “Screening African Immigration to Spain: Las cartas de Alou and Bwane”
Spanish Nationalism(s): Border Crossings and Shifting Identities
Alejandro Varderi, “Kitsch and Film in the Construction of the Francoist Nation”
Samuel Amell, “Film Adaptations of Works by Exiled Novelists”
Jaume Martí-Olivella, “Textual Screens and City Landscapes: Barcelona and the Touristic Gaze”
Annabel Martín, “Basque Postnationalism, Identity Politics, and the Reconfiguration of Transgression in Urte Ilunak”
Breaking Ground: Twisted Youth and Gender Twists in the Spanish-Speaking World
Patricia Hart, “Pijos, Profs, and Other Perverts: Snuff and Other Genre Trouble in Tesis”
María Pilar Rodríguez, “Nihilism and Simulacrum: The Two Historias del Kronen”
Michael Schuessler, “Vestidas, locas, mayates and machos: History and Homosexuality in Mexican Cinema”
David William Foster, “Plata quemada: Social Violence and Gay Idyll”
The Female Gaze-The Male Perspective: Spanish American Literature and Film
J. Patrick Duffey, “Literary Long Shot and Close-up: Spatial Cinematic Techniques in the Works of Mariano Azuela and Francisco Ayala”
Gustavo Fares, “Borges’s Women in Film”
Nora Glickman, “Cinematic and Literary Interpretations in Juan Carlos Onetti’s “El infierno tan temido”
William Childers, “La pierna quebrada: The Female Body and the Pre-Cinematic Gaze in Tristana and Camila”