revista de literatura latinoamericana

Chasqui Special Issue No. 3 (2006)

Marina Pérez de Mendiola, ed.

Going Transatlantic: Towards an Ethics of Dialogue
María P. Tajes, “From Colonial Discourse to Hybrid Identities: Spanish Emigration to Latin America in Two Respresentative Texts”
Marina Pérez de Mendiola, “Buñuel’s Mexico, Saura’s Tango: An Act of Paradoxical Reterritorialization”
Salvador C. Fernández, “Transatlantic Borders: Spanish and Mexican/American Literary Relations in Detective Fiction”
Cintia, Santana, “The Elephant in the Americas’ Room”
César López, “The Conquest Revisited: The History of Innocent Eréndira from a Post-colonial Perspective”
María Donapetry, “And Your Motherland Too: The Body of the Spanish Woman in Y tu mamá también”
David William Foster, “Saudades do Brasil: Claude Lévi-Strauss’s Photographic Gaze of the City of São Paulo”