revista de literatura latinoamericana


Chasqui is seeking full-length manuscripts, 5,000 to 10,000 words (including notes and bibliography), in English, Spanish, or Portuguese, that focus on significant theoretical issues in the analysis of Latin American cultural production, with particular emphasis on literature. Essays dealing with specific texts or authors will be of interest only if they address interesting theoretical questions, and those studies that focus on interdisciplinary approaches, the bridging of national and linguistic divisions, subaltern studies, feminism, queer theory, popular culture, and minority topics are especially encouraged. Submissions, which will undergo double-blind review, should be received in full conformance with the 7th edition of the MLA Style Manual to authors, and authors should be in a position to submit an electronic copy of the manuscript prepared in Microsoft Word. Manuscripts should contain no reference to the author: a separate cover sheet should include the author’s name and title of the essay. Electronic (e-mail) submission is encouraged. Only those manuscripts that are accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with loose postage can be returned.  All essays accepted for publication are subject to editorial copyediting as regards questions of linguistic accuracy, style, expository format, and documentation. Contributors to Chasqui must be subscribers at the time their articles are published.

Submission of articles should be sent to:

David William Foster
Arizona State University
School of International Letters and Cultures
Tempe, Arizona 85287-0202
Phone: 480-965-3752 / 6281
FAX: 480-965-0135

Book review submissions: Emily Hind,

Film review submissions: Carolina Rocha,